Our Mission

Since 2020. Family First Hospice Care in Alpharetta, Georgia, provides quality at-home palliative and hospice care. Today, we strive to be the best provider in our area. Our Mission, Values and Culture reflect our sincere desire to serve our community and its diverse patients and families.

The Mission & Vision Statement of Family First Hospice Care

Our mission is to provide high level care to individuals with a terminal illness and their family members. Patients at all ages and stages of their end of life journey receive our support. As a trusted care team, our vision is to help patients and families overcome stopgaps to care and other challenges. We help each person maintain their best quality of life through care delivery at home.

The Core Values of Family First Hospice Care

Our core values include Respect, Trust, and Inclusion.


Respect for each person, their unique self, and their values and beliefs.


We earn patient and family trust as we meet and exceed goals.


We accept and embrace each person as they are.

The Culture of Family First Hospice Care: We Put You First

Family First Hospice Care commits to person-centered care. First, we respect the need for diversity, inclusion and equity. You’ll see this woven into the fabric of our team approach. Second, each person receives respect here. No matter your background, you’ll feel the warmth of the Family First culture of support. Third, our team works to benefit each person. As a result, we provide key resources to support diverse patients and families.

At Family First, we offer:

  • A safe place for patients and family, staff, and volunteers
  • A culture that includes and respects all persons
  • Cultural awareness that sees the diverse peoples in our area
  • Fair hiring and staffing practices and equal treatment in policies
  • Volunteer education that furthers diversity goals
  • Patient services, resources, and practices that are fair and inclusive
  • Outreach to close the gap between life limiting illness and care