Hospice Care

Is Hospice Care Right For You?

Recently, you learned that the available cures or treatment options for your condition no longer work. Once these efforts stop, and there is a life expectancy of six months or less, it is time to enter hospice care.

Family First Hospice Care offers a high quality of hospice care designed to increase your comfort and quality of life at end of life.

Hospice Care is special type of medical care that provides a high level of pain and symptom management. Plus, it includes emotional and spiritual support. This care is for patients of all ages who no longer receive curative treatment and have a life expectancy of six months or less.

Did you know that anyone can request hospice care?

Simply Ask For Care.

You’re At Home with Family First

Family First Hospice Care is given in the privacy of your home, in a nursing center, or assisted living community. Our patients reside in or near Alpharetta.

We are on call for you 24 hours a day.

Family First Hospice Care includes four levels of care options: routine home hospice care, respite care, general inpatient care and continuous care. The nurse and Care Team help determine what level of care is needed.

Our benefits to you include pain and symptom management, mental or emotional support, spiritual support, and grief and loss counseling. We strive to:

  • Honor your wishes and those of your family
  • Meet or exceed the goals for your care and comfort
  • Manage your pain, symptoms and medicines
  • Assist with decisions using a whole team approach
  • Provide grief and loss support for you and loved ones
  • Offer spiritual support that honors your beliefs
  • Respect your origins, native language or unique culture

How Hospice Care Payment Works

Hospice Care is covered by your medical provider insurance coverage, Medicare or Medicaid. At Family First, we work with you to remove barriers to care. There’s no need to delay your request for services. Hospice care could increase the length and quality of your life.

During your assessment, please ask a member of our Care Team to help with any questions you may have about your coverage.