Hospice treats the whole person, not just their physical symptoms. Spiritual services during hospice care honors the unique way each person finds meaning in their life.

For some, it includes honoring a particular religion, tradition, or way of life. For others, it explores the connections that matter most to them. The person’s beliefs are respected when they receive personal spiritual services.

Quality of life at end of life is improved by spiritual services. For example, terminally-ill people may struggle with the difficulties of their symptoms or their prognosis. Those who are aging may seek and offer forgiveness for past wounds or regrets in their relationships. They may feel a need to seek completion of anything left undone or unsaid. Others may choose to deepen their relationship with a higher power. Spiritual services can help with these important emotions.

Spiritual Services Comfort Those At End of Life

At the end of life, spiritual therapy can help those who are dying to feel calmer and more at peace. At Family First Palliative and Hospice Care, the hospice team provides for spiritual needs as well as physical ones.

Spiritual care can help the patient restore a sense of belonging, gratitude, forgiveness, and emotional closure with others prior to death. Too, much as spiritual care supports the patient, so bereavement services support the family during times of grief and loss. After a loved one’s death, bereavement services can help support the family as they move from sorrow or loss into peace.

Receive Spiritual Services For Those of Any Faith In Hospice

At our patients’ request, we coordinate spiritual services with the faith leader, pastor, or minister of your choice. Our hospice care services in Alpharetta, Georgia, will accommodate patient requests, no matter what faith they practice.

Feel free to reach us at 678-269-4743 today and learn more about FAMILY FIRST HOSPICE CARE‘s spiritual care and our palliative care services in Georgia.