Body pain has an impact on how we sleep, especially for seniors receiving hospice or palliative care. These pressures might lead to sleepless nights, and a fatigued senior loved one, which may delay healing or comfort.

As a result, FAMILY FIRST HOSPICE CARE, a reputable assisted living provider, recommends massage therapy. Massage allows your body to heal and relax, which is especially important as you become older. Massages on a regular basis also help seniors become more productive and healthier at home and in the community.

So, what are the advantages of massage therapy for the sleep quality of seniors?

Improves sleep quality
According to one study, older adults who receive weekly massages sleep better, which leads to better overall health.

Pain relief from osteoarthritis
Pain can keep anyone awake if it is not addressed appropriately. As a result, allowing our hospice team to provide calming massages before bedtime can considerably alleviate discomfort and promote relaxation.

Improved recovery from injuries or sickness
Massage therapy makes muscles, connective tissues, joints, tendons, and ligaments more fluid and, as a result, less prone to damage in the long run. Massages can assist a loved one receiving palliative care services in Georgia to sleep better at night, allowing their body ample time to recover.

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