Getting under hospice care services in Alpharetta, Georgia, is a challenge for the patients and their families. There are many things to consider, including the patient’s safety, comfort, and convenience. And most of the time, people prefer to receive care at home.

The members of the hospice team will meet with the patient and loved ones to discuss goals, symptoms, services, and expectations. Then, a care plan is developed to meet the patient’s unique needs. So you have to prep your home for the home care setup.

How can you provide better Assisted Living at home? Here are some tips.

  • Make a provision for wheelchair and equipment access like ramps and wider doorways.
  • Remove clutter and unnecessary items around the house that can be tripping and fall hazards to the elderly and their caregivers. Make the pathways clear and well-lit to avoid accidents.
  • Install safety equipment such as handlebars, handrails, and grab bars in different areas of the house, like the bathroom and stairs.
  • Widen the room and keep proper air circulation. Make seniors stay in a room with less noise.

Comfort, convenience, and Pain Management — is the main goal of hospice care. And as care providers, we at FAMILY FIRST HOSPICE CARE want to provide all the best to patients during the remaining years of their lives.

But if palliative care services in Georgia is what you require, we can also provide care and assistance. Please take note that palliative and hospice care are different. Call us at 678-269-4743.